While I have yet to work for a company for longer than a decade, thanks to movies and television, it seems something of a tradition to reward employees who work at a company for 10 years or 20 years with some sort of lavish gift, like a gold watch or something. Considering that Blizzard is a gaming company, giving their loyal employees a watch certainly doesn’t fit with the overall theme – so what will Blizzard employees be getting instead? Well as you can see in the image above, employees who work for Blizzard for 20 years will be rewarded with an extremely unique helmet which has been inspired by Diablo 3’s Archangel Imperius, with custom tweaks courtesy of its creator, Blizzard’s Vice President of Art & Cinematic Development Nick Carpenter.

It’s pretty cool and it is expected to ship next year, although with Blizzard having been founded in 1991, we guess there aren’t too many employees who will be walking home with it. Not to fret as it seems that employees of 5 years will receive a sword, while employees of 10 years will receive a shield, and as a commenter on Kotaku has pointed out, it would almost seem as if Blizzard is trying to make employees collect a full armor set!

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