The cost of living increases every single day, there is no denying that. Well, it seems that there is a spanking new device for your home that you might want to consider – the MeterPlug, which is currently incubating itself as an Indiegogo project. Basically, the MeterPlug will display your real time energy consumption in a denomination that just about anyone can understand – that is, through the use of dollar signs. It will be able to plug itself in between any appliance and the AC outlet, sending data concerning its energy consumption over a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

The MeterPlug’s task is to inform you on just how much actual money an appliance costs you when you run it, and when it is on standby. This will eventually affect the way you use your appliances, which in turn will also help you do your bit to lower your electricity bill through the different actions that you can take. The app itself for the MeterPlug will come in iOS and Android flavors, showing off the amount in the local currency, in addition to you real-time data such as the cost last hour, day, week, month, etc. Place a pre-order for the U.S., European or British MeterPlug on Indiegogo for $45 a pop if you have faith in this puppy.

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