Mention Fitbit, Zamzee, and BodyMedia, and we are quite sure that you have heard of those in the past, where these intend to work some “magic” in the battle against the bulge, using a clever combination of mobile technology and apps to help one lose weight. Well, in a randomized controlled trial published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it showed that mobile technology, when working hand in hand with a current system of care and telephone coaching, has resulted in far more short-term weight loss compared to a standard issue weight loss program.

This study saw 69 overweight and obese people in their late 50s, on average, participate, where they were referred to a Veterans Affairs clinic for weight-loss support. Enrolled in a dozen group sessions over a period of six months, these touched on nutrition, exercise and behavioral changes. 50% of them were randomized, receiving a personal digital assistant (PDA) along the way so that they can record their food intake and activity each day, being nicknamed the “+mobile” group. This +mobile group also had a coach who checked in regularly via phone, and after six months, the +mobile group manage to lose 3.9 kg more on average compared to the standard treatment group.

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