There was a time when the mobile phone started to shrink in size, turning it into a highly portable form factor that also made it easier to lose. However, it seems that this particular trend suffered a reversal with the advent of smartphones, and we are now at the stage of phablets when it comes to size. However, the smartphone is still a portable device, so why not let it comes with an accessory worthy to sit beside it – like the mPrinter, for example?

The mPrinter started off as a Kickstarter project that promptly got more than what it asked for in just 72 hours, hence resulting in its real world birth. Sporting a simple and intuitive design, the mPrinter can be used with either Javascript or a standard WYSIWYG text editor, allowing it to print the weather, news alerts, shopping lists, and puzzles among others via a Wi-Fi connection. A tiny format thermal printer and a built-in Wi-Fi web server are the two technologies that made the mPrinter possible. Don’t you wish that you dropped some coin for it back when it was incubating as a Kickstarter campaign?

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