After launching msnNOW in February and adding the new MSN Healthy Living wellness content in June, MSN is now launching a new content called Money Now. Money Now is actually the first channel to embody the msnNOW content. Essentially, Money Now scans real-time sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Bing and StockTwits, to keep users up-to-date on the latest finance and investing topics that are trending on the web. You can check it out here.

According to Amey Stone, the managing editor for MSN Money, Money Now offers smart, original, and entertaining takes on the hottest money topics around the world. Investors can learn what are the companies that their peers are searching for on the web. Contrary to just reading boring money news, Stone says that Money Now goes right straight to the key question on every issue.

Users will also find the “Trending Now” feature which helps them track the most popular financial keywords and stock tickers of the day. Basically the results are determined by MSN’s unique computer algorithm. “Wondering how much money rapper Psy is making from his record-setting YouTube video, Gangnam style? Find out at Money Now. Did you know that gun sales soared during Black Friday this year? Or that Japan Airlines is now offering KFC on flights ? Those are the kind of conversation starters you’ll learn about on Money Now,” Stone adds.

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