If you are a true blue Nokia fan, are you familiar with the Nokia DT910 charging plate? Well, it is not the most famous of all, simply because the DT900 instead will accompany your Lumia 920 as a free accessory with the purchase of that smartphone. Well, the Nokia DT910 charging plate comes with NFC integrated right into the base, and here is a careful teardown of the DT910 for you to peruse through.

The Nokia DT910 charging plate will come with a trio of coils instead of just one which is within the stand itself. No idea on whether this particular set up will affect charging times in any way or not, but so far, initial impressions do seem to point towards no known noticeable differences between the two. The stand itself has been designed in a far more practical and usable manner, although the plate does seem to be easier to use beyond the confines of your desk or tabletop.

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