Have you guys seen the video where a camera is placed on a cat to see what it gets up to when you’re not around? It starts off normal, with the cat wandering around your house and garden, before you realize it’s really a funny video when the cat starts visiting bars, knocking back shots and etc. It looks like Nokia thought that it was a great idea and decided to do something similar in their “5 Year Old Challenge”. Basically they left a Lumia phone out in the open and record what would happen. As one might expect from a 5 year old, he definitely got up to no good. Basically what this video does is it highlights the Lumia’s camera features, the ease of use where even a 5 year old could operate it, and last but not least the Lumia’s “famed” durability as the 5 year old puts it through the ringer. Not as funny as the cat video but still entertaining nonetheless.

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