Patent trolls are nothing new and they often make the headlines by going after high profile companies over a vague patent that said company may or may not have infringed upon. Now it looks like Apple is being targeted by one of them, Arendi S.A.R.L., a company based in Luxembourg. According to Arendi, they believe that Apple has violated three of their patents, but have declined to point out which products in particular have infringed upon them and will argue claim by claim.  According to the patent they’re suing Apple over, it has been described as a “Method, system and computer readable medium for addressing handling from a computer program.” If you’re wondering why this might sound familiar, back in 2009, Arendi went after both Microsoft and Dell over the same patent, and in Markman hearings, it seems that instead of taking it further, both Dell and Microsoft settled with Arendi over an undisclosed amount. With the settlements with Microsoft and Dell acting as precedents, perhaps there is a good chance that Arendi could be successful in their lawsuit against Apple as well.

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