We do seem to live in a world that is very excited by rankings. There are record sales figures to check out each week, and whenever the weekend is over, movie buffs tend to see whether their favorite movie has made it to the top 10 list in terms of grossing much loved moolah. Well, the same can be said for apps on your smartphones and tablets as well, with Poke by Facebook having made its way to the No. 1 position under the free app category over at the Apple App Store.

Basically, Poke by Facebook will let you send a message which expires in 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds after being opened, and it will require your finger to be on the screen all the time, meaning screenshots are nigh impossible to take unless you “cheat” by carrying a digital camera with the other hand. I guess Google must be miffed with Poke by Facebook, as the recently unveiled Google Maps for the Apple iPhone was knocked off its perch – and we do think this is rather undignified, especially when Google Maps is far more practical and useful for the masses compared to a Facebook app. Ah well, the world’s a strange place these days.

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