Everyone and their dog knows that Christmas is coming, and this would mean a frenzied shopping season needs to kick off (which can be a good excuse to the missus that you are just doing your patriotic duty in stimulating the local economy, of course). Well, giving gifts have just one level of excitement – when the box that the gift comes in is carefully wrapped in present paper. Well, how about increasing the level of suspense by another one, while eliciting a surprised look from the recipient’s face? This is where the Prank Pack Pet Sweep comes in handy.

Basically, the Prank Pack Pet Sweep has been described as a package that comes with four tiny mops that can be attached to your dog’s paws, allowing it to clean up your home as it moves around indoors. Good luck getting your dog to wear all four of these without nary a form of protest! All you need to do is pack the actual gift within, and watch the expressions of dismay on the recipient’s face when he/she rips open the wrapping paper only to see this – and he/she doesn’t even have a dog in the first place.

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