One of the world’s most secretive regimes is North Korea, where the idolization of their national leader has bordered on the deity, even until today. We know that no one but the very elite group there have access to the Internet, and one does not simply walk into Pyongyang. How about driving then? Here is Pyongyang Racer, a video game from North Korea that features a rather strange mix of bad graphics, a pointless existence and perhaps a dash of terror on the side.

Commissioned by Koryo Tours, Pyongyang Racer has been touted to be the first domestically produced online video game that is meant for Western audiences, allowing you to drive around Pyongyang while learning more about the different sites in that city, without having to be there physically. You will also need to make sure that you collect enough gasoline during your journey, and do drive carefully, otherwise the uniformed Traffic Girl will be there to lay the smack down on you. This is no Diablo 3 for sure…

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