Jolla’s Meego-based Sailfish operating system for mobile devices has just received a rather extensive video demonstration, where more attention is paid to its features. This operating system is still a work in progress, where it was first shown off on Nokia N950 developer smartphone, which is the logical choice considering how most of the folks behind the Sailfish project used to be Nokia employees. Intuitive hand gestures are the order of the day for this operating system, and the implementation of it allows you to make one handed use, never mind of the device’s screen size.

I am quite sure when it comes to phablet sizes, one might run into issues with Sailfish, but other than that, anything less than 5.5” should work just fine. It does seem as though the Sailfish operating system is a snap to customize, ranging from the shortcuts on the lockscreen, to the ambiance concept, et al. This is one mobile operating system that does true multitasking, and minimized apps appear as cards on the homescreen (sounds familiar like webOS, no?). The Sailfish OS will be finalized sometime in the first quarter of next year. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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