You can say that one major legal lawsuit in the corporate world that has captured the attention of many this year would be the one that involves Samsung and Apple, where the latter was awarded $1 billion in compensation. Needless to say, this is not a small amount by any standards, and Samsung would obviously have done their bit to exhaust all possible legal avenues to overturn the $1 billion verdict, and their latest efforts have failed as the South Korean company has lost its bid for a new trial after touting that juror misconduct tainted Apple’s billion-dollar judgment against it.


A federal judge was the one to deny Samsung’s request for a new trial, touting that Samsung themselves should have done additional work when the jury was questioned. Judge Lucy Koh said, “Samsung could have uncovered the Seagate lawsuit, or at least Mr. Hogan’s feelings regarding Seagate, had it exercised reasonable diligence in questioning Mr. Hogan during its allotted time in voir dire. Moreover, even without asking Mr. Hogan directly, Samsung could have exercised reasonable diligence outside of trial and could have discovered the lawsuit by requesting the bankruptcy file, exactly as Samsung did later, when it became motivated to do so.”

What do you think Samsung’s next step would be?

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