Earlier this morning, we did bring you word that Judge Lucy Koh hopes for a peaceful resolution between Samsung and Apple, just like how Apple and HTC have already arrived at a settlement between them. Well, there is more to it than that, as it seems that Apple might actually receive less than the $1 billion plus from Samsung, as Samsung did claim that the damages awarded to Cupertino ought to be re-examined in a fair manner. Needless to say, Apple has sent their team of legal eagles to argue that they should receive another half billion in damages more.


Judge Lucy Koh is said to be taking out her calculator, wiping the dust off it, and rework some of the jury’s calculations – at least this is what the Associated Press reported. Earlier, the jury listed the amount of damages Samsung owed Apple for 26 different infringing products, and Koh figured out that some of the damages seemed to be too high to make any sense. For instance, Apple was awarded $58 million for sales of the Samsung Prevail smartphone which is said to have infringed on Cupertino’s “tap-and-zoom” patent, and Koh claimed that this patent violation should see Apple receive a mere $8 million instead.

What do you think of the whole situation – will Apple receive less, or more money at the end of the review?

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