Smallest Radar System As Large As A Stamp

When it comes to the military, you cannot fault us, the general public, to think that there are plenty of toys out there which would not seem to be out of place in a science fiction movie. Well, an European Union team of scientists have managed to come up with what they dub to be the smallest complete radar system in the world, measuring under 0.5” on each side, squeezing everything onto an affordable computer chip. In other words, we have a working radar system that is no larger than that of a stamp, and I am quite sure that Batman has something like this in his arsenal.

Known as the Success project, this is a labor of love that comprised of nine academic and industrial partners across Europe, who poured in three years of hard work on the chip package, alongside $3.9 million in funding from the European Commission. Just how will this radar change the way the world works in the future? We’re not sure, but we intend to stick around to find out.

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