Solar Powered Floating Room

If you happen to live in a hurricane-prone areas, then living on a piece of waterfront property is not a good idea at all. For folks who are fortunate enough to live in areas outside of the reach of hurricanes, then a waterfront property would be prime real estate to start a family. A couple of siblings in Sweden have decided to build an innovative, budget-conscious waterfront property by constructing a solar-powered, floating room. They have enlisted the help of Swedish pre-fabrication design house Kenjo, coming up with a unique one-room structure that is made up almost entirely of wood, energy efficient windows, and a rooftop solar photovoltaic system that will help it capture energy so that the room’s electronic devices will not be in want of juice.

The entire room is fully mobile, where it can be moved to different locations via a similar outboard motor which would normally be used to power a small fishing boat. This does sound like a dream house, or should we say, a dream room. Perhaps it is a “room only” version of Noah’s Ark?

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