A couple of weeks ago, Sony revealed that Kat and Emmett would be the two new characters added to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brawler game in its upcoming DLC. They also announced that they would be adding a new level and in the most recent PlayStation blog post, Sony revealed some details about the level and what players can expect. According to Sony, the new level has been given the codename, Fearless, and it’s a mashup between Heavenly Sword and the racing game Wipeout. Basically players will start off fighting on top of a column whose scene is reminiscent of Heavenly Sword, but as the fight progresses, stray fire will hit the column, causing players to crash down into a scene taken from Wipeout. It looks pretty cool and not only will the scenes be reminiscent of the two games, but they are also interactive in the sense that players whose character gets knocked into the tracks of Wipeout or oncoming ships will take a hefty AP penalty. If you’d like to learn more about the level or read up on some of the moves and abilities of Kat and Emmett, head on over to the PlayStation blog (source link below) for the details.

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