If you were hoping to pick up an entry level DSLR and don’t want to have to spend too much money, the Sony SLT37 (or also known as the A37) might have been on your list of options, but according to Sony Japan, it seems that they have marked the device as having been discontinued. Of course it is possible that there are retail stores out there who still have it in stock, although you might want to move quick as they probably will not be able to restock the A37 once they run out. Now the good news is that whenever a product has been discontinued, it would mean that a successor will be taking its place and according to Sony Alpha Rumors, they are claiming that there are several APS-C SLT cameras ready to take its place in 2013. The first is expected to debut in Spring 2013, with the rest expected to follow later on in the year. If you were hoping for an unveiling at CES, you could be disappointed as rumor has it that Sony will use CES to unveil new compact cameras instead.

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