If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, the Sony PlayStation 3, or collectibles, it looks like Sony might have something that combines all three aspects together. As you can see in the image above, upon first glance it looks like an oddly designed PlayStation 3 console, but in reality it is actually a bento box that has been shaped and carved to resemble the PlayStation 3. It seems that as a thank you to the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series, Sony will be launching a special character bento. We’re not sure what the actual meal is, but this is apparently the box that the food will go into. This is not just a regular bento box as it has been laser cut, and the skills of a traditional wood craftsman has been sought as well. The bento box was then treated at a traditional lacquerware studio in Kyoto. We’re not sure if you would be able to get your hands on one of these, or how much it might cost if you could, but what do you guys think? Looks pretty cool, right?

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