Mobile phones are extremely commonplace these days, regardless if they’re a simple feature phone or a high-end smartphone device. Considering that we bring them with us wherever we go, it would seem almost as if contacting someone on their mobile device would be the fastest way to get in touch versus calling them on their landline at home, which begs the question, do we really need the landline anymore? Well according to the Center for Disease Control, based on the preliminary results from its National Health Interview Survey for 2012, it would seem as though 35.8% of American households no longer have a landline installed in their home, and rely exclusively on wireless (read mobile phones) to receive their calls. Interestingly it seems that just under 16% of American households also report that they receive almost all their calls on their mobile devices despite having a landline installed at home. Pretty interesting stats – I can’t remember the last time I called a friend or family member on their landline; what do you guys think?

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