With the deteriorating relationship between Apple and Samsung, it is becoming increasingly common to hear about Apple looking to source the manufacturing of their AX chipsets from manufacturers that aren’t Samsung. So far we’ve heard rumors that Intel could be picking up the slack, and we’ve also heard that TSMC is a strong candidate, and here to add to the list is another Taiwanese chip maker, Unimicron. Word has it that the Taipei-based manufacturer has passed a smaller-scale test in the current quarter in which they were put to the test to see if they were capable of delivering the basic ARM foundation for Apple’s AX chipset. There are supposedly plans to build a new plant in which production will be ramped up upon completion.

It was only recently that there was speculation that future Apple chipsets could be built in the US, as word has it that a company is looking to build a 3.2 million square foot facility where about 1,000 people would be hired. Rumor has it that Apple was the company, but recently it has been suggested that it could be TSMC who in turn would be helping Apple make their chips.

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