I prefer sitting in the aisles during flights as it affords me more leg room since I can stick my legs out in the aisle to stretch them every now and then, but there are times during turbulence when the drinks carted around on the drink cart come pretty close to tipping over and spilling on me. Thankfully nothing has happened yet, but it certainly remains a possibility although hopefully with the introduction of the SkyTender, such accidents can be avoided completely in the future. The SkyTender is basically a drinks cart that flight attendants can use during a flight, much like your regular drinks cart with the difference being that it features a dispensing machine.

A touchscreen display has been built into the SkyTender where the flight attendant can select the drink simply by touching it. The SkyTender will also be able to store about 8 gallons of drinks, both hot and cold, which translates to about 290 servings. Granted it’s not fully automated to the point where you don’t need a flight attendant, but it seems that it has the potential to save time for flight attendants since they won’t have to keep going to the back to keep refilling the coffee/tea pots or grabbing more bottles of soft drinks/wine. The SkyTender made its debut recently on a flight on WDL Aviation from Cologne to Palma, Majorca.

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