Twitter logoTwitter wants to make sure that Twitter-integration from any third-party applications will no longer be possible in the future, and by taking the first step, Twitter made the announcement that photo integration from Instagram will no longer be functional. To put it in layman’s terms, tweets that are accompanied by images will no longer have an image embedded in the tweet, but instead, it will have a traditional link to the image. Apart from that, images will also not make an appearance in the user photo gallery.

Users have already started to report issues they have encountered when it comes to viewing Instagram photos on Twitter whenever they click on links. One of these issues include images being cropped, and this is due to the fact that having Instagram disabled its Twitter card integration, the photos end up as pre-cards. It does seem as though Twitter’s move to disable embedded images has to do with an upcoming set of photo filters for its service which should debut by the time this holiday season is in full swing. Are you looking forward to that?

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