While Baldur’s Gate has made its way from the PC onto tablets, we’re sure that many are wondering what other PC games would make the port from PC to tablet as well. If you’re a fan of Valve’s DotA 2, you might be interested to learn that according to Gabe Newell, it looks like the company is interested in creating a tablet port of DotA 2. Newell did state that Valve has tested DotA 2 on tablets in the past, but found that the hardware of the tablets then wasn’t good enough to support the game, but he also stated that with tablets getting faster by the day, they might be able to get DotA 2 up and running on a tablet that will be able to perform like they intended. No word on when exactly we will see the port, but it certainly sounds like a pretty good idea! A lot of people have tablets these days and getting in a quick game while on the way to work or school sounds like a lot of fun – what do you guys think?

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