A hard drive dock is a hard drive dock, is a hard drive dock, right? Apparently not, as the good people behind Vantec has shown. Apparently, Vantec has a spanking new NexStar hard drive dock in tow that will allow you to increase the storage amount of all your domestic devices over a Wi-Fi connection, now how about that? Basically, you are able to insert just about any compatible SATA 2.5 or 3.5-inch hard drive into the dock, followed by hooking it up to an Android or iOS device using a dedicated app, and to have it run alongside any Mac or PC via the SMB protocol.

This particular NexStar dock will play nice with the Airplay standard, and will also have a USB 3.0 port so that you can connect it directly to a computer via plug and play, now how about that? So far there has been no word on pricing details, but Vantec claims that you can pick one up in time for Christmas.

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