Amazon has set itself up as an organization that is on the lookout for customers from all walks of life, including those who are vision impaired (for years). First, they introduced text-to-speech technology on their maiden Kindle e-reader some years back, and today, the company has already revealed additional plans to add that particular feature set in its Kindle Fire and Fire HD (7-inch only) tablets, thanks to Voice Guide and Explore by Touch technology.

Voice Guide can be said to be a regular text-to-speech tech on steroids, where it is capable of reading aloud any action that is performed by users, including announcing app names and book titles whenever they have been selected by the user. As for Explore by Touch, you are able to swipe your fingers across the Fire’s display, where each each onscreen item is identified as your fingertip passes over them. As long as you know what is being touched, a simple tap will then launch said app. The update that delivers such goodness will arrive sometime early in 2013. [Press Release]

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