The Balance Smartphone Scale from Wahoo Fitness has started to ship, and make no mistake about it – this is one of the smarter scales out there in the market, where it is capable of sending your weight as well as BMI over sans wires to your favorite health and fitness apps. Retailing for $99 a pop, this Bluetooth-ready scale will be accompanied by the Wahoo Wellness App, where it is capable of monitoring up to 16 different users, and sends data over to the iOS devices that you have designated prior. After all, the New Year is coming soon, and most folks would make resolutions about their health, so why not give this a chance?


Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness, said, “For those of us with health and fitness focused New Year’s resolutions, the Balance is the ultimate tool to ensure we hit our 2013 goals. Whether you are a triathlete, cyclist, runner or just someone looking to drop a few pounds, monitoring your weight daily is a key component to success. With our top partner Apps, you can already log your workouts on your iPhone, now the Balance allows you to monitor your weight loss progress as well, all on the same device.”

Anyone placed an order for this puppy? [Product Page]

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