3D printers have definitely opened up a whole new world of reality, and you can say that this is going to be a hobby worth looking into compared to traditional hobbies such as drawing, painting, collecting coins and stamps, the works. 3D printing at the hobbyist level has seen its fair share of small models and design prototypes, but a particular model maker decided to up the ante by releasing an open source project which would basically let anyone print their very own robot components.

French sculptor Gael Langevin decided to come up with InMoov as a method to empower 3D printer owners to construct their humanoid robot, piece by piece. Apart from the 3D printed parts, the robot will still need mechanical components to fulfill its purpose, where it will run on an Arduino CPU and can “see” as well as grasp objects as part of a response to vocal commands. How many of our dear readers out there own a 3D printer, and what is your most notable “project” that came out from it so far?

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