The Hot Pop Factory from Canada, a 3D-printed jewelry company, has picked up a request from a client to generate a fun 3D-printed holiday gift for every single one of their employees. Why did they decide to enlist the help of the Hot Pop Factory? Well, the whole idea is to make use of its 3D printer by printing out Pez dispenser head toppers that has been customized to resemble every single employee’s head.

Of course, it does get rather tricky, as every single employee’s head will need to be scanned beforehand. The Hot Pop Factory will rely on a veritable gamut of devices to get the scanning bit done, with the assistance of an Xbox Kinect, aided by the ReconstructMe software, and its fair share of open-source trickery. Needless to say, the scans will need to be cleaned up before they are added to the candy dispenser connection. At last, all 32 heads are printed out using what resembles a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. I am quite sure that the employees would be more than happy with the Pez dispensers that they receive, and will treasure these gifts for a long, long time to come.

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