It is said that medication non-adherence is a rather problematic issue in the US, and it sure as heck adds up after a while. Of course, primarily there is always the health effects which arise from not following a prescribed medication plan, and along the way, this kind of wasteful non-adherence results to more than $300 billion being flushed down the drain annually, and this figure looks set to snowball by the year. Good to know that there are folks who want to put a stop to this, and the folks over at Abiogenix has come up with a device known as uBox.

Basically, uBox will function as a smart pillbox that is capable of storing and dispense medication securely at the correct time, where it will synchronize to a smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. Whenever it is time to pop your pills, the uBox will beep, light up, notify your smartphone and magically unlock a single dose from one of its 14 compartments. It will also know when you dispense a dose as it sends a notification to your smartphone. There will be others whom you are accountable to, as they too, will receive notifications whenever you dispense a dose so that they can follow up on you.

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