Once you have joined the workforce as well as the general rat race in life, one of the devices at home that you sorely need but most of the time dismiss would be the paper shredder. After all, over the years we would have accumulated more and more documents that we simply would not have the peace of mind to throw it away. What if someone else finds it, or rummages through your garbage to check up on the sordid details surrounding your past? If you are going to get a paper shredder, you might want to consider the latest RoboShredder Plus Auto Feed Paper Shredder from Aleratec.

It is said that the RoboShredder will be able to destroy up to 240 sheets of paper without any need for user intervention, now how about that? All you need to do is use an auto feed tray which contains three times the capacity of the original RoboShredder, where the tray will lock in the documents remaining in the shredder’s auto feed tray in a secure manner until all of its contents are completely destroyed. “Lock and load” would be the keyword here, and even credit cards are not able to stand up to its shredding power. If you are interested, the RoboShredder Plus Auto Feed Paper Shredder will retail for $629 a pop.

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