History is made over the weekend, not just because of the country’s first black president being sworn in for his second term, Congress too, has achieved a milestone of their own. It is said that for the first time in history, the entire slew of 100 US Senators do have their very own Twitter account, meaning information should be disseminated to the masses faster than ever before, regardless of which side of the political divide that they are on.

This move does not come about as surprising, since apart from all 100 Senators being on Twitter, it is estimated that roughly 90% of the members of the US House of Representatives also own an active Twitter account, totaling 398 members in total. Rewind the clock back by a couple of years to 2011, and approximately 44% of the Senate and 38% of the House had active Twitter accounts, now how about that? In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama sent her inaugural tweet this past Monday, and she already has garnered 124,000 followers in such a short time.

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