Here is something for those who want to spend some real money on virtual stuff – especially if you own a PC or Mac, and are an avid fan of browser-based games. I am referring to Amazon In-App Purchasing expanding its reach to the aforementioned areas, where you will be able to access your entire slew of Amazon payment options, ranging from saved credit cards to gift certificates for developers to take advantage of. This feature is now ready and kicking, it remains the onus of developers to implement it into their websites.

To better describe Amazon In-App Purchasing, it basically enables “customers to buy digital content from within your apps and games using their Amazon accounts. Customers can purchase virtual currency, characters, expansion packs, subscriptions, and more. This service is available for PC, Mac, Web, Android and Kindle Fire games.”

Just where do you intend to start spending your hard earned dollars on in-game gold, ale, and whores? I can see developers rolling in pools of money already.

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