There have been rumors surrounding the possibility of a low cost iPhone which could be pieced together using various iOS device components. As to whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but thanks to a recent job listing by Apple, it seems that at the very least Apple is looking for new ways to use plastic in their products. So far Apple has been known for using high quality materials for most of its offerings, such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel and whatnot, but the job listing for a “Tooling Engineer” in plastics has revealed the Cupertino company’s interest in using plastic in non-traditional ways to help shape and control the material better.

This seems to somewhat corroborate the rumors that this low-cost iPhone could be made using a plastic body compared to the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 which used a combination of glass, stainless steel and aluminum. Then again plastic is prevalent in other Apple products such as the Magic Mouse, cables, keyboards and etc. so it is possible that this job listing might not be related to the iPhone at all. Either way with rumors about a low-cost iPhone running rampant, this job listing seems to be rather coincidental in nature, but we’ll keep the speculation to a minimum and suggest you do the same.

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