Who would have thought that science could mimic nature to such an exact point? The video above depicts an artificial photosynthesis system that is said to share a similar efficiency level as that of plants when it comes to reducing the amount of CO2 levels. This is made possible thanks to a group of boffins over at Panasonic, whose Artificial Photosynthesis System produces organic materials with a world-leading efficiency of 0.2%, which is on par with that found in real plants used in biomass energy.

Just what does artificial photosynthesis do? This technology will rely on natural sunlight to produce oxygen and organic substances from water and carbon dioxide, in the same way that plants do, except that you need not water or put fertilizer for your plants, and I don’t think you will suffer from issues like your cat or dog chewing on the plants or digging them out. This could very well be a future forward technology that could solve global warming and energy issues, but let us not get too far ahead of ourselves first, no? [Press Release]

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