If you are a modern day cubicle warrior and have frankly run out of cubicle games to keep yourself occupied during those slower days at the office, perhaps it is time to shift your attention towards the BattleTank toys from Desk Pets. The BattleTank is a palm-sized robotic tank which can be controlled via Apple and Android mobile devices. BattleTank will arrive with a couple of navigation modes that will enable the tank to roam about freely, or simply to charge into action to race and battle in multi-player mode.

Desk Pets intends to unveil the BattleTank while parading their full range of micro-robotic toys, including CarBot, SkitterBot, and the TrekBot among others at Toy Fair 2013. BattleTank does remind me of the old 8-bit game on the NES system of the same name, although this time around, it is available in the flesh, but you will have to use your imagination to figure out the explosion and shrapnel upon a successful hit. The built-in battery and USB flip down charger helps minimize battery costs for hours of inexpensive fun.

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