[CES 2013] Bem has just announced their Speaker Trio – although I would like to venture and take a guess that this naming convention was inspired by Thor’s the Warriors Three. Well, just what kind of audio firepower can we expect to find from the Speaker Trio? For starters, we are looking at three speakers (obviously, hence the name) that are touted to deliver exceptional, crystal clear sound to multiple rooms without the hassle of wires.

Ah, wires, even in the year 2013, we still cannot escape the fact that it is nigh impossible to live a true, blue, wireless lifestyle. Not until someone comes up with a method to send electricity surging throughout the home or office wirelessly, knowing just which device to target and how much juice it needs. Well, the Speaker Trio will boast a range of up to 120 feet, and it can be controlled by an iPhone, smartphone or other Bluetooth device. Choose from black or white shades at $299.99 a pop.

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