BioShock Infinite is nearly two months away from its release, which means we’ll probably be seeing Irrational Games releasing some new content on a regular basis to tease its March 26th release. We recently saw a trailer highlighting pre-order bonuses for BioShock Infinite, but today, Irrational Games has released a trailer that’s completely different from anything they’ve released before.


In the trailer Irrational Games released today, they created a 1970s filmstrip-style documentary that takes a closer look at the floating city of Columbia. In the video, we learn the steps that were taken in order for Columbia to exist as well as leads us to ask what exactly happened to the floating city that lead to its disappearance.

After watching the trailer, we can’t help but wonder where Irrational Games will take this short video series as it seems instead of going for trailers showcasing the game’s graphics, weapons and characters, they’ve shifted to a more thought-provoking video series. In our opinion, we think we’ve seen enough of the game to know we want to play it, so this video series is certainly a welcome change.

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