The BlackBerry 10 event is about to begin, yet we are already hearing that some folks in the U.K. are already getting their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 phone. This is interesting because the phone isn’t official yet. One tipster took to Twitter and said that he just saw the phone in a U.K. store. Twitter user @bandozer caught the phone at a Phones4U retail store and managed to grab a photo of the device. @bandozer is also saying that a white model of the Z10 can also be found in the store. The Verge contacted the store and was told that dummy units will be on display until 5pm today. “Actually held a real working bb10 device in phone4u #bb10 #z10 and they’ve got the white one as well,” @bandozer tweeted.

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BlackBerry Z10
1280x768 ?
8 MP
137.5 g
1800 mAh
Snapdragon S4 Plus + MicroSD
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