Brolly Umbrella Makes It Possible To Text With Both Hands During Use

When it’s raining so hard outside you literally think you see cats and dogs falling from the sky, an umbrella is a complete necessity. The benefit of an umbrella is the majority of your body stays dry, although if you’re connected to your phone 24/7, it could pose a challenge to use both at the same time. Sure – you could hold each in either of your hands, but using one hand to use your phone, especially a smartphone, could impede its use.

Rather than deciding to use one or the other, a Chicago design team created the Brolly umbrella which comes with a ergonomic handle that allows you to hold your umbrella and your smartphone at the same time, making it much easier to type out lengthy emails or texts.

The Brolly is made from a very soft rubber material that makes it comfortable in your hand, while the umbrella portion is crafted from ABS plastic which can handle any wet or windy condition.

The Brolly umbrella comes in black or blue and is available for just $20. Just remember just how special the Brolly umbrella is as we know you probably misplace your other umbrellas all the time. A $20 umbrella is a little too expensive to just throw in the back seat of your car, waiting for a rainy day.

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