A thermometer is not the most exciting device to own, but then again, when you can lighten up someone’s through a clever design, why not? After all, didn’t the wisdom of the ancients say that laughter is the best medicine? Since you are going to tend to your sick child, you might as well make a meal out of it, and you can begin through purchasing the Bullet Train digital thermometer that will certainly evoke the look of Japan’s iconic Shinkansen high-speed trains at the front. At the opposite ends of these digital thermometers are soft and flexible material to keep sick children safe.

Retailing for less than $15 after conversion, these thermometers will come in three easily recognizable (to the Japanese, anyway) designs which pay homage to Japan’s latest high-speed trains: the N700 series that sees action on the Tōkaidō and Sanyō Shinkansen lines, the E5 series which is operated by East Japan Railway Company on the Tohoku service since March 2011, and the model 923 “Doctor Yellow” diagnostic high-speed test trains which tend to be a firm favorite among Japanese children.

Each of these thermometers are equipped with a 3-digit LCD digital display window which tells the current temperature reading in Centigrade degrees.

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