We think it’s safe to assume our readers are fans of the Internet and all of its glorious uses like reading up on the latest news in tech, streaming music and movies and chatting it up with your friends through Skype. But as we’re enjoying all of these wonders of the Internet, our bandwidth usage skyrockets, which is something cable providers may start charging additional costs for those heavy hitters.

Time Warner Cable and other cable providers are testing new business models that focus on usage-based pricing. The usage-based pricing plans would charge customers based on the amount of bandwidth they use a month, which if you have a cell phone plan you may know all too well.

The reason for the tests are due to the increase in the amount of Internet data over the years, which cable providers apparently claim has caused a more congested Internet. Seeing how the U.S.’ Internet speeds landed us in 12th place in speed average behind South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, we think cable companies need to focus less on squeezing money out of its customers and more on giving us Internet speeds we deserve.

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