Chrome logoGoogle has decided to introduce native client support on ARM for Chrome, and with Native Client (NaCl) enabled, Chrome is said to be able to run high-performance apps that have been compiled from your C and C++ code. This starts to get a wee bit technical though, as one of the main goals of Native Client would be to help it remain architecture-independent, in order for all machines to run NaCl content without batting an eyelid. This step by Google would prove to be a positive push in the right direction, as the Native Client SDK is now capable of supporting ARM devices which range from version 25 and above.

Assuming your app relies on Native Client and newlib, you can now reach users on ARM devices through the simple act of adding an ARM .nexe to your app, while making a tiny adjustment to the Native Client manifest. Once you have the latest SDK (software development kit), it is all you need at the moment. Interesting times are definitely ahead, as there is quite a sizable community of users who use ARM-powered devices. [Press Release]

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