Baldur's Gate Enhanced EditionWhile iOS gamers are probably enjoying the remake of Baldur’s Gate, it looks like Android users will still have to wait for their copy. According to a Twitter post by Beamdog’s Trent Oster, he revealed that they have hit a snag in the Android development of the game, stating that “We’ve hit a snag with BG resource handling and ship panel APK files. We’re going to be a while yet on Android.” Unfortunately when asked as to when Android users would be able to expect the game, no specific date was given meaning that Android users are in for wait, although hopefully not for too long (fingers crossed!) In the meantime it looks like if you’ve already completed Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition and you’re looking forward to the sequel, Oster revealed that the team is already working on it but unfortunately did not provide a time frame for its release. We can only assume that Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition will likely release for iOS first while Beamdog works on porting the first title to Android. It should also be noted that Beamdog has considered bringing the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate onto the PlayStation 3 console.

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