Getting married can be quite a stressful affair if you want to have all the bells and whistles come together, but here we are with Bill Porter and his fiancee Mara who have a thing for technology, plenty of technical know-how, patience to do it themselves, and ultimately, love for each other. Their wedding theme is “Circuits and Swirls,” which is why a regular paper invitation is not going to cut the mustard, hence they decided to create their own custom wedding invitations that will come complete with embedded circuit boards which will light up when opened.

Microcontroller-powered blinking LEDs that are strategically placed within will be powered by a tiny battery and a light sensor. His old school Xerox Phaser laser printer managed to print out around 50 flexible PCBs with the help of some copper-clad kapton tape. Not only that, there has been an Easter Egg built-in, where each card will flash a secret Morse code message whenever the light sensor detects far less light than normal. This is definitely a wedding invitation card which is worth treasuring, especially when you consider how much work and effort went into it.

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