Doom & Destiny is well known for being a Role Playing Game on the Xbox console, and it seems that its latest outing is on a far more portable and less bulky platform – that is, the Nokia Lumia. First rolling out in 2011, Doom & Destiny on the console has proven itself to be rather successful, having picked up four stars out of five from players in over a thousand reviews and ratings from players themselves. How does the game translate to the mobile platform?

Very well, it seemed, as the Windows Phone version also more or less received its fair share of praise. For those who first gave Doom & Destiny a go, you will realize that this does have its fair share of Japanese elements to it, in fact, some might even wonder whether they have gone through a time machine and are having a go at a Final Fantasy title that hails from the 16-bit. You will start off with a group of four friends who love RPGs in the game itself, which can be rather ironic since you are playing one yourself. Still, playing on a touchscreen display does have its disadvantages compared to an actual physical controller since some part of the screen will always be blocked. Doom & Destiny is available for owners of the Nokia Lumia 800, Lumia 900, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.

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