EnGenius Powerline Media Adapter Kits Announced

[CES 2013] If you’ve got multiple devices at home that requires connection to the internet, such as gaming consoles, audio/visual equipment and computers, then EnGenius’ newly announced Powerline adapter kits might be of interest to you. The company has announced several as part of the Powerline lineup, so depending on your needs, such as home or office, networking or gaming EnGenius is hoping that they will have something for you.The Powerline adapter kits will come in four different models and will feature 128-bit AES encryption and a “Push and Secure” function that allows users to create a secure connection. These kits come in four different models which include: the EPL500 Powerline 500 Adapter that features one 10/100 Ethernet port; the EPL550G Powerline 500 Adapter that comes with one Gigabit Ethernet port; the EPA3250 Powerline Wireless N300 AP that comes with an integrated Wireless-N access point and one 10/100 Ethernet port; and last but not least is the ETA3005 Powerline 500 5-port Wireless N300 Media Bridge. This comes with an integrated 300Mbps Wireless-N access point (2.4GHz) and a 5-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch.

These kits will also be offered in four different packages, starting with the EPK500 Powerline 500 Kit  which ncludes two EPL500 Powerline 500 Adapters and will retail for around $79.99. The next package would be the EPK550G Powerline 500 Kit with Gigabit which comes with two EPL550G Powerline 500 Adapters with Gigabit and will go for $89.99. The third package is the EPK3520 Powerline 500 Wireless N300 Access Point Kit and this includes one EPL500 Powerline 500 Adapter and one EPA3520 Powerline Wireless N300 AP, and this setup should cost around $109.99.

Lastly for those who require more, EnGenius is also offering the EPK3005 Powerline 500G Home Entertainment Wireless N300 Bridge Kit. This kit includes the EPL550G Powerline 500 Adapter and one ETA3005 Powerline 500 5-Port Wireless N300 Media Bridge and is set to retail for $139.99. All Powerline Media Adapters are expected to go on sale in the US come Q1 2013.

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