A concept is a concept – it can go as far (or as short) as your imagination takes you, but we are glad to say that the Eye Stick concept is definitely not a short sighted idea. In fact, this concept can be said to be a “lightsaber” of sorts to the visually impaired. You will not be able to use it to slice your way through just about anything, but you can still give a good whack over the head of whoever is being a nuisance to you.

Basically, the Eye Stick relies on rays and ultrasonic sensors to help measure the distance between you and an item in front, for example, a wall or a set of stairs. It is meant to replace a cane or other walking stick, where it delivers a far longer range image of the user’s surroundings. Not only that, the Eye Stick comes with a camera that will help scan barcodes of an item through said camera when one is at a departmental store, where this information will then be sent via Bluetooth and converted to voice so that you know what you are holding in your hands.

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