[CES 2013] CES Unveiled saw the release of the F.R.E.Q.M mobile headset which is the first of its kind in the range to deliver rich stereo sound without piling on the weight on your head – considering how it comes in a lightweight aluminum chassis that will fold away for easy transport. The F.R.E.Q.M mobile headset will be accompanied by a couple of unique in-line cables, where one of them is for use with PC or Mac platforms, while the other would find its purpose when hooking up smart devices and select consoles. Either one has a role to play, depending on what you want to use the F.R.E.Q.M with.

Someone should develop one of those testing machines to see just how many times the F.R.E.Q.M is able to fold. You know, the kind of machines that we see in Ikea which perpetually opens and close the drawer, or having an imprint of one’s butt sit on a particular lazy chair. Well, so far the limited time that we had to spend with the F.R.E.Q.M mobile headset did not disappoint, but it would be nice to get feedback from hardcore gamers.

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