How many of you out there use Face Unlock on your Android-powered smartphone? How about computers, do you think that the function of facial recognition is a suitable form of security for your data? I don’t think so, as someone can always capture a mugshot of your face, and hold it in front of the camera assuming that is the only gateway before breaking into your system. Well, Isao Echizen and Seiichi Goshi do not seem to have a love for facial recognition technology, which is why they worked on a pair of glasses which is said can thwart just about any facial recognition attempt.

They are not mere men, but professors over at Tokyo’s National Institute of Informatics and Kogakuin University, respectively, and have come up with this unique pair of glasses that will emit near-infrared light which in turn blocks facial recognition in cameras. Bear in mind that these are not the trendiest glasses around, being crude inventions that take a simple lab goggle as the base, with small circular lights attached to it.

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